York & District Road Race League 2016

Results for the 2016 series via John Schofield's site, uk results
Pictures and info from the Road Race League website - Road Race League
Remember you must wear club colours and keep you number for all races

£10 entry for all races. Register with Colin Fletcher/Kevin Johnson on Clubnight

Entry Form can be downloaded opposite or see Colin/Kevin on Clubnights

The races for the 2016 Road Race League are as follows:


Pocklington (Club Championship Round 11) – 26th April – 7.00pm


Tadcaster (Club Championship Round 12) – 10th May – 7.30pm


Easingwold (Club Championship Round 13) - (Organised by ERC) – 24th May – 7.30pm


York Knavesmire Race Course (Club Championship Round 14) – 7th June – 7.30pm


Bishop Wilton (Club Championship Round 15) – 21st June – 7.30pm


Selby Wistow (Club Championship Round 16) – 5th July – 7.30pm


Bishopthorpe - (Rev Handicap, & prize giving supper) – 19th July – 7.00pm
All events are held on a Tuesday evening. Race 1 will start at at 7.00 pm and races 2 to 6 starting at 7.30 pm.

The Handicap race starts at 7.00 pm with supper and awards ceremony to follow.

Easingwold 24th May 2016 @ 7.30 PM

Race HQ - Galtres Centre, Market Place Easingwold. 

Parking - In front and rear of Galtres Centre or on the Market square. Additional parking at the heath centre to the rear of the Galtres. 

Toilets -  The Town Council have agree to keep the toilets in the Market Square open beyond their normal 6 pm closing so will be available this year. There are also toilets in the Galtres Centre. There are NO toilets at/near the start.  

The Start - Top of footpath in Millfield Park, as used last year. This is a little closer than before but still a 15 minute brisk walk from the Market Place/Galtres Centre. You should have left this area by 7.10 at the latest if you want to make the start! Route to the start - see Town Plan (note: start on map is the old Copperclay one - now at the top of the footpath in park before Copperclay. Do not go via Oulston road as it is much further)  

Finish - In the Memorial Park next to the Galtres Centre.  

After - The bar at the Galtres will be open. Sweaty runners welcome! 

Route - See Road Race League website for the route. Keep to the left for the first 2.5 KM. Cross to right by arrow as instructed by marshal - do not cross before. Return to left after Binsley lane and continue to 4 KM. Cross to the right before the short steep climb to Crayke (cross at arrow/marshal). Stay to the right up and over Crayke and all the way down the hill to the right turn into the narrow Daffy lane at 5.5 KM; drinks ahead. Beware of the uneven surface and a few potholes on Daffy Lane. Return to the left side of the road on rejoining the Crayke - Easingwold Road at 7.5 KM and stay on the left to finish. Keep a bit of energy to look good for the run throught the Market Place! The finish is just round the corner in the park. Water at finish and bar open in Galtres Centre near the finish.

2016 group pictures below and 2015 winner on right

Pocklington 26 April 2016

Some the 36 who made the finish at Pocklington

Tadcaster 10 May 2016

Another great turnout at Tadcaster

Easingwold 24 May 2016

At last a full turnout for the team photo - 45 strong and took some time to gather all!

York Knavesmire 7 June 2016

Some of the starters on a very hot night at Knavesmire

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 Entry Form

2015 Awards

Men's Team Captain, Shaun,  collects the award for 3rd team.

Mark takes 2nd place in the M50 Category

Peter, 3rd in the M60

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