2018 Swaledale Marathon - Training

17 January: One of the benefits of an early registration is you have plenty of time to prepare. On Saturday 20th Jan there are still 20 weeks to Swaledale! 

Most of us will be doing a mixture of walking and running/jogging so it is important to combine these two disciplines together in training. At this stage just getting out and spending some time on your feet off road is all you need to do to get started.

Remember the golden rule - walk up the hills, don't try and run, unless you are looking at a time of sub 3.30 hours. Shuffle/jog/run on the flat bits and take care on the down bits.

The route is long and challenging enough without trying to jog up hills (well it is for most of us!). There are three main hills to contend with so walking up those give the running legs a bit of a rest.

A run/jog/walk from Kilburn for an hour or two will get you started. There are enough hills to walk up, some flat bits for a jog, virtually all off road with varying conditions underfoot. Ideal Swaledale conditions. Time spent on your feet can be increased over the coming weeks/months.

It is also a good idea to practice training with a bum bag/rucksack with the things you are going to be carrying on the day. More on kit later.

Training Sessions:
The list of entrants is on another page so hopefully you may be able to organise some outings for a gentle introduction. I'm away until late Feb so will arrange some events in March. Bernie is organising a social run on Sunday Feb 11th from Sutton Bank which is a must.