2018 Swaledale Marathon - Kit

February 1st  - Official kit list below followed by some thoughts on what is required.

  1. The following equipment must be either worn or carried at all times for the safety of yourself and other competitors / helpers:
  1. OS 1:50000 maps sheets 92, 98, 1" sheet 90 or Explorer Map OL30 (paper - not on electronic device)
Waterproof and windproof jacket and overtrousersHat and gloves
Footwear optional but good conditionNo jeans allowed
Compass & whistleEmergency foodFirst aid kitMug or cup
  • Kit check at start plus spot-checks en-route.

Kit General: The requirements for kit to be carried are listed above. The type and extent will usually depend on two things – the weather on the day and the time you plan to finish in. A warm sunny day in under 4 hours and you are likely to carry the minimum stipulated.  A wet/windy day in 8 hours is likely to require warmer clothing and more supplies.

What you carry the kit in is personal choice but a small bum bag is what the faster runners use and rucksacks of varying sizes if time is less of a priority.

Kit will be checked at signing in and en-route. This is most likely at Level House, 13 miles in and in the middle of nowhere but is usually just to check you haven’t dumped everything to save weight.

Map: The Explorer map OL30 is best. The route actually fits onto an A3 sheet so you can copy it if you want to save weight.

Jacket & Trousers: Seen some very lightweight versions that I can’t believe are waterproof but as mentioned above the weather and time you are out should guide you.

Footwear: There is a surprising amount of tarmac, gravel/ stone tracks on the route so shoes/boots should have good cushioning. There are some boggy bits, mostly over the tops from Punchard.

Compass & Whistle: It is a navigation event so they are needed to guide you or call for assistance. Unless the cloud is very low you can usually “follow my leader”.  Low cloud makes the section from Punchard Head to Level House, around 3 miles the most difficult.

Emergency food: Normally only take a snickers bar and an apple. There is food at Level House and Gunnerside (sandwiches and cake) so never felt the need for more but some make prefer energy bars and gels.

Hat and gloves: A peaked hat to keep the sun or rain off is useful, never felt it cold enough for gloves.

First Aid Kit: I’ve never taken more than a couple of plasters and an elastic bandage.

Mug / cup: There is water/orange at all checkpoints except Punchard. This is one place you might fancy a drink after the long climb so take a small bottle to keep you going to Level House.

Sun cream: If it is a sunny day, this is essential as the sun follows you round the route and you can get burnt on the head, neck and back of the legs.

Waking poles: Might be worth considering for those out longer. Tried them when finishing in under 5 hours but don’t think it was worth the hassle. 6 + hours where you will be doing plenty of walking they may help, especially on the 3 big climbs, Fremington, Punchard and Gunnerside.

Money: You may want to buy a Swaledale tee shirt at the finash or have a drink so worth carrying some money. For the earlier finishers a mini bus runs regularly from Reeth to the car park so you can go back, change and return to watch everybody come in. 

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