Well done to those that have completed a marathon. If you have a picture and your results please contact Ken on clubnights.


 Congratulation to Patrick on his first marathon and first event representing ERC at the London Marathon


 Finishing time: 3:19

 Other ERC finishers:
 Neil King 3:01 
 Elaine Walker 3:58
 John McBurnie 5:01            3:09:23

t     4:13:29
 Banks       4:28:2


 Congratulation to Mark on breaking the 3 hour barrier at the Yorkshire Marathon.

 Finishing time: 2:57:42

 Read his top marathon tips here

 Other ERC finishers:
 Neil King             3:09:23
 Derick Sargent     4:13:29
 Angela Banks       4:28:29

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14 Nov 2014, 06:00