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Late Summer run & food

Late Summer Social Run and Food at High Paradise Farm – Further info/update

Dear members

Planning has continued over the last few weeks involving a number of club members which has been greatly appreciated and I am able to provide you with more details for those coming along or those still thinking about it.


Date: Sunday 16th September 2018.

Start time – Meet at High Paradise Farm at 2pm.

Cost – Only cost is for food which is £10 per person. This will include a home made pizza, salad and home made cake to be available at High Paradise Farm Café after the run from 4pm.  If anyone does not like pizza please see me to request an alternative.

Note: If you just want to come along for the run and not have food this is fine, just note on the form.

Payment of the £10 – Ideally to be made by BACS as you would when paying subs to ERC, but can you note it is for Pizza to make it easier for Kate (Treasurer) to keep track.  If you prefer to pay in cash or cheque please see me on a club night.

Payments need to be paid anytime up to Thursday 6th September,

Drinks - You will need to buy your own drinks.  There seems to be quite a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available in the cafe.  However, I will take plenty of water and beakers for anyone wanting some water at the end of the run before going to the café, or just take your own bottle if wanted for the run.

Special diets – These can be catered for.  Just need to indicate on the form. i.e. Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian etc.

Choice of toppings on Pizza for non-special diets are: Margherita & Olives, Ham & Pineapple, Blue Cheese & Caramalised onion, BBQ chicken & peppers. 

Ordering food – Please complete the form sent to you by email, or from me on a club night and pass back to me, or email it via social secretary email by Thursday 6th September. This is very important so I can collate all requests to pass onto High Paradise owner on 10th September.  

Food – High Paradise Farm owner, Ginni Skilbeck will be cooking everyone’s pizza’s individually from 4pm on the day.  She says she can cook fast and done this sort of event before, but I think we should anticipate a little delay getting all pizza’s cooked and served. Ideally I would like runners to be able to eat with anyone they have coming along just for food all at the same time and will try to make this happen, but I can’t guarantee this.  If anyone member needs to get away quickly afterwards let me know and I will arrange your pizza for the first few. 

The Café has an outdoor eating area, but there seems to be plenty of room in the café if the weather is poor.

Directions to High Paradise FarmFrom Thirsk take the A170 towards Sutton under Whitestonecliff, and after 1/3 mile take turning on left signposted Felixkirk. Drive through Felixkirk and out the other side. Continue into Boltby - and out the other side. After 1/2 mile start climbing a steep hill, and half way up on the left you will see a sign for High Paradise. Take this road and follow for a mile to the very top of the hill. If you haven't got to the top you haven't got to the farm. It is where the road runs out. Note: Normally only residents can park at the farm, but I have obtained permission from the owner for all cars to park at the farm on this day.

You can also travel via Sutton Bank.  You will need to take a right turn towards the Sutton Bank car park, then along the road past the gallops. Then take a left turn taking you to a cross roads at Sneck Yate.  You will then need to take a left turn taking you down the hill towards Boltby for about half a mile until you see the sign on the right for High Paradise Farm.

Caution travelling - Having driven to this place a number of times over the past few months can I advise that you allow time for travelling.  Although the road is not busy it is very narrow in places.  If you can car share this would reduce number of cars as well.

Details of Social Runs – We have planned for 2-3 groups (depending on final numbers) in the usual ability ranges.  Each group will have a Leader.

Fast Group - Cameron and Steph have organised this route starting and finishing at High Paradise Farm – Please speak to them if you want more details of this route and distance, but think it is about 8-10 miles.

Middle group – The route planned is just under 5 miles and will take you from Paradise Farm through the woods mostly on the forest roads, but a little bit on wood trails involving off road.  This is a very nice route and includes some different terrain and panoramic views over Sutton Bank area.  It involves some gentle uphill at the end but not much. 

Third group – This route is also just under 5 miles and will take you from High Paradise Farm on a forest track, then onto the Cleveland Way a short time before going alone a road for about a mile.  The route then takes you onto the lovely heather moor and along a track back to Paradise Farm.  This is mostly a flat route only involving one little climb from the road to the moor.  This is also a very nice route and includes open views of the scenery.

Maps of routes - I will try to add my routes on Google maps so you can visualise the routes.

Timing of the runs – We would like the runs to commence by 2.15pm after arrival and a brief intro before setting off to ensure plenty of time for the runs and getting back on time for food.  Middle and third routes are estimated to take about an hour to hour and a half. 

Clothing and Running shoes – As some of the routes will include some off-road amongst bracken and heather you may prefer to wear long leg running gear.  Trainers or off-road trainers would be suitable. 

Toilets – Available to use at the café.  Women’s toilet seats are worth seeing (wait and see JC). 

Info for people attending not running – Currently there are as small number of people coming along just to join their partners/family members for food and maybe a walk in the woods instead.  This is great and all are most welcome. You will see on the form how to indicate non runners and if they want food.  They will also need to pay their £10 which can be done via their club member or by payment to me in cash or cheque made payable to Easingwold Running Club which I will then pass onto Kate.

Back up support at High Paradise Farm on the day - Runner Susan has kindly volunteered to be available at and around High Paradise Farm for any non-runners on the day to link up with or help or advise on anything, as she is unable to run.


Contact details in case needed:

High Paradise Farm owner:

Ginni Skilbeck
High Paradise Farm, Boltby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO72HT
Tel. 01845 537353/ 07739 498255 



Sorry I have no influence over this, fingers crossed. 


Think I have covered everything but let me know if not.



Route 1 -
in the planning stage but will be 8 - 10 miles

The Administrator,
30 Aug 2018, 12:45