Good Practice Statement

The broad Aims of UK Athletics Policies are:

  • to ensure the highest possible standards of safety and welfare
  • to embed a process of continuous improvement in work on well-being
  • to ensure that quality assured training is offered to members
  • to adopt and promote good practice
  • to demonstrate ethical standards of leadership and behaviour


The purpose of this Good Practice Statement is to bring together the club's approach to health, safety and well-being of its members in one unified statement.

The members of Easingwold Running Club will endeavour to uphold the principles and practice of the UK Athletics Codes of Conduct and Welfare Policy and Procedures (January 2005). The health, safety and well-being of the members of Easingwold Running Club is paramount to all those concerned with the efficient running of the club.

Easingwold Running Club is an adult running club with some junior members who run with their parents within the prescribed distances for their age. The parent has sole responsibilty for the well-being of the sibling.

This statement deals with:

1. The health of club members

2. The safety of club members

3. The well-being of club members

The health of club members

Members are responsible for their own health and welfare and should:

  • As appropriate, request regular check-ups with their General Practitioner.
  • Be aware of the advice available through running magazines and other sources on issues including diet, dehydration and the treatment of strains and injuries due to participation in the sport.
  • Understand the value of wearing appropriate clothing for the time of the year and appropriate shoes for the variations in terrain
  • Seek advice from experts and professional practitioners outside the running club as appropriate to their needs.

The safety of club members

  • Familiarise themselves with the safety issues in the club rules.
  • Take full responsibility for Health and Safety whilst running with the club.
  • Report any incident, accident or unsafe practice to the 'Point of First Contact' or to an Officer of the club.
  • Complete or help in the completion of the 'Accident Report Form.'
  • Co-operate in any investigation that may ensue as a result of an accident/incident.
  • Be willing to take part in Health and Safety training as appropriate

The well-being of club members

Members should:

  • Recognise and refer to the 'Point of First Contact' anyone who has been subjected to poor practice, abuse or misconduct by someone else.
  • Observe and encourage good practice in order to avoid perpetrating poor practice, abuse or other types of misconduct.
  • Take precautions to avoid false allegations.
  • Safeguard the good name and integrity of the sport of running.

The 'golden rule' for all involved in running in relation to poor practice and protection is that: it is not your responsibility to judge whether or not a violation has taken place, but it is your responsibility to act on any concerns that you may have.


 Procedures for members of Easingwold Running Club

In the event of an accident

First Aid should be administered as appropriate and an ambulance requested, if necessary.

A reportable accident is one in which a person suffers an injury as a result of which that person requires or is likely to require medical treatment.

A reportable incident is one that, in different circumstances, might have led to a reportable accident.

In either case, the event should be reported to the 'Point of First Contact' or to an Officer of the club, should the nominated person be unavailable.

If appropriate, an accident report form should be completed and sent to UKA within 7 days of the accident.

In the event of an incident related to a member's well-being

In the event of an incident related tp a member's well-being the incident should be reported to the 'Point of First Contact' or to an Officer of the club, should the nominated person be unavailable.

The incident will be treated in confidence. In the case of an incident being serious this will automatically invoke referral to the 'Good Practice Sub-committee.' It may be that, in other situations, discussion and negotiation between the relative parties will lead to a resolution.

Point of First Contact

There will be one nominated female and one nominated male member of the club who will be responsible for listening to the initial complaint. If there appears to be no immediate resolution through negotiation and discussion, or the complaint is of a serious nature, then the complaint will be referred to the Good Practice Sub-committee. The complainant will be assured that the incident will be dealt with confidentially.

Good Practice Subcommittee

The sub-committee will consist of the two nominated members ('Point of First Contact') plus two other committee members who will investigate the complaint according to UK Athletics Policy and Procedures. If necessary expert advice will be sought through UK Athletics and, if appropriate, the matter will be referred to a higher authority.

Accident Report Form

In the event of a reportable accident or incident this form shall be completed and submitted to UKA within seven days of the accident. On receipt of this form, UKA shall immediately copy it to the relevant National Association/territory.

Good Practice Incident Report Form

The 'Point of First Contact' complaint and the 'Good Practice Sub-committee' investigation will be recorded using the Good Practice Incident Report Form. These records will be kept confidentially by a member of the sub-committee.

Welfare: First  Point of Contact for club members:
Dr Jane Maloney
Bernie Wood
Peter Johnson