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Shoe Guide

Shoe Guide

Choosing the right shoes can be a bit of a minefield and prices can vary enormously.

The following may help you decide.


There are several choices:

You can go to any running shoe stockist and buy a pair.

You can do your own research to enable you to choose more wisely.

You can go to a local specialist sport shop and have a gait analysis to see what type of shoes suite you.



Prices for shoes vary from as little as £25 for entry level shoes to over £100. If you are just starting out, an entry level pair of trainers with the correct cushioning or support should be enough.

Prices for the same shoes vary as older versions are discounted. Look for a pair of last year’s model, they can be 30% or more off the current year’s version.

You may be able to get 10% discount as an ERC member but probably only on full priced shoes. Worth asking!

Internet prices from the likes of Sportsshoes are usually lower and offer more choice but the local branches may well be able to match prices.

Most shops now categorise their shoes in terms of cushioning or support with some including motion control so if you can identify your running gait through the "wet foot" test or via a gait analysis at a specialist shop, then choosing becomes a whole lot easier.


Wet Foot Test

This can be done to enable you to decide on the type of show you need. In general, those with high arches have a neutral or slight underpronation and require just cushioning shoes (about 30% of runners)

Those with normal arches (around 70%), overpronate and require support shoes to compensate.

For those with flat feet motion, you have marked overpronation and control shoes are required.

This is a simple analysis; see the following advice to help.
Internet Advice

Shoe advice from Runners World: 


Shoe Advisor from Up and Running:


Shoe advice and sale shoes for women from Sportsshoes


Shoes advice from JJB Sports



Local Shops


Up & Running,  49 Fossgate, York


Sweatshop, Hull Road, York  


Both of these offer a gait analysis with no obligation to buy. Their internet sites usually have a bigger choice and competitive prices but they may be able to order them. If you have done your research, you will know better what you want.


Other Local Shoe Stockists:

JJB Sport - Clifton Moor

Shorts Direct - Monks Cross

Both of these shops have discounted shoes, current and last (or longer) versions, and are usually a similar price to internet sites like sports shoes or up and running. Possible to pick up a bargain but you have to know what you are looking for and choice of sizes can be limited.


Best Internet Choice

For me, Sportsshoes offer the biggest choice of  new and discounted shoes and is well laid out into running/gender/type which makes it easy to identify, say, a road running ladies entry level cushioned shoe. Price and choice seem very good.