Copy of Beginners Group 2008

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Debbie and Sara successfully completing the Kilburn 7.


Report in the Easingwold Advertiser as the Breginners Group 2008   met for the last time:

 The beginners/improvers group met for the last time this week and what a long way they have all come over the last 22 weeks.  Initially, some 40 people showed an interest in attending this new venture for the Running Club but, as with any form of exercise routine, some of the newcomers dropped off along the way.  However, if you go with statistics, the number who stuck at it and completed the full course is above average.  The last meeting for this group was a sociable one; a gentle run followed by food and refreshments with each of the 25 successful candidates being presented with certificates congratulating them on their success. 


At the start of this course some of the participants were unable to run for more than one minute, some for a matter of 15 minutes, but each person had their own personal goal which they wanted to achieve.  Success was individual, geared to their own personal achievements with everyone reaching their goal.  But what goals some of them set themselves!  Approximately ten of the group are hoping to run their first 10K race on Sunday at Tholthorpe and next month three are hoping to complete the Great North Run – a half marathon no less.  A healthy number are also keen to continue with their running and Easingwold Running Club is pleased to welcome them as new members. 


This was a totally new venture for the Club and the Club’s coaches were a little unsure as to how it would work out.  Needless to say, they need not have been worried for it has been an overwhelming success.  Whatever goal the individual wanted to achieve, the coaches and other members of Easingwold Running Club are proud to have played some part in encouraging and helping this group realise their successes.  Well done to all of you.