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January 2018 - There are currently no plans to run a begininers course in 2018. Please visit the Contact Us Page to read the Frequently Asked Questions and to get in touch regarding trying us out on a regular Thursday club night. 


2017 Beginners Group

Easingwold Running Club will be running a beginners/lapsed runners course.

The course is suitable for those that want to try running for the first time and  those that have run before and want to get going again.

2015 Beginners Group

Beginners Group in 2015 - As part of our 20 year celebration we will be running a beginners/returners course. Please see Beginners 2015 for more information

2012 Beginners Group
12 March 2012
Application Forms for the course available from Thursday 15th. Now closed.
7 March 2012
The 2012 course will run for 15 weeks from May 23 to August 29 with an introduction meeting (no running/walking kit required) on 9th May. These dates are confirmed. The Galtres Centre will the normal meeting point.
See also February information below.

February 2012

Easingwold Running Club will be running a beginners group in 2012, Olympic year. The course will run a similar format to 2010; an introductory meeting followed by 15 weeks of training. It is aimed at beginners wanting to start running for the first time and those that used to run and wish to return.

Due to the popularity of previous beginners groups, application can be made by post  with priority given to those who have not previously attended the group. 

The aim of the course is for members to complete a 10 K run but this by no means compulsory; shorter targets will be set to suit all abilities. The course runs through the summer months so it expected most participants will be unavailable for a week or two. However, the nature of the course is for weekly progression so if you only able to attend irregularly this may not be the course for you.

Information about previous courses is featured in this section along with various training programs.

Applications forms will be available from this website and further information will be available in March.

History 2008-10


Although ERC has expanded rapidly over the last five years it was noticed that the majority of new members were already runners and joined to enjoy group running as well as the social aspect of the club. Maybe the term “running club” implied members were, young, serious and fast runners - nothing could be further from the truth! Whist several members are quick and many enjoy the competitive side of the running, all enjoy the social interaction that a running club can provide.

To try and attract more into running, either for the first time or to return to the sport after a break, it was decided to run a separate beginners group. With club membership approaching 100, the main aim of the group was not to attract new members but to encourage more in the community to take up running as a method for improving fitness. For some, this led to full membership with the club at the end of the course whist the vast majority continues running either individually or with friend made during the course. Indeed one of the benefits of the course is to introduce runners to others in their area who are able to arrange running sessions to meet their own particular circumstances.


 The beginner group is now in its third year and is supported by coaches and club members. The decision whether to run a course is usually made in January and is subject to sufficient coaches and members being available to support the venture. 

Beginners Group 2008

The Beginners Group consists of those who wish to take up running for the first time and lapsed runners who wish to return to the sport via a gentle introduction. A 22 week course, running from April to September,  has been designed culminating the week before a local 10K race. Entry to and  completion of the race may be the goal for some beginners whereas others may set their targets below this bench mark retaining running as a means of keeping fit.
Easingwold Running Club has 11 trained coach/leaders who, with the assistance of other club members, will lead three groups. The groups are broadly  defined as walker/joggers, jogger/walkers and runners. It is anticipated that during the 22 weeks these groups will change in nature and ability as members become fitter.
Help, advice and support will be available throughout the 22 weeks to ensure that each member attains their individual goal and shares in the joy of running and meeting new friends.

Beginners Group 2009

Following on from the success of  2008, and with the benefit of the experience of that group, the 2009 beginners group will run for 15 weeks (plus one week registration), starting in May and finishing in September. The aims will be the same as 2008, to develop new and returning runners to able to complete the Tholthorpe 10 K at the end of the course.

Beginners Group 2010

Easingwold Running Club will be running a  Beginners Group in 2010. It will be a 15 week course held on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Introduction and Registration (no running) will be held on 19th May, in the Galtres Bar at 7 pm. The 15 week course will start the following week 26th May. See Easingwold Avertiser for advert, this site for updates or contact Club Secretary Roger Nicholls on 01347 822641.


 Some of the 2008 Beginners Group with ERC coaches/helpers

For a report and more photos of the 2008 Group click here 

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