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2017 1 Mile Time Trial

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21st, 28th March & 4th April 2013


A bit of fun over three consecutive weeks as part of the weekly training session, members have the chance to be timed over a one mile course starting and finishing in Millfield Park with week three being a Team Race based on recorded times. Last year, 10 teams of 4 had a great time!


Consider taking a running jacket to the start/finish as there can be a little bit of waiting time.


1 Mile Time Trial - Weeks 1 & 2 on Thursday 21st and 28th  March:


As part of the regular Thursday training session, we will complete the 1 mile course. Running in two or three mixed groups your time will be recorded and used to make up the teams for week 3. Also a warm up before and warm down after.


Team Race - Week 3 on Thursday  4th April:


For those members with AT LEAST ONE recorded time, teams of four will be selected where the aggregate time of each team is similar (any differences will be resolved by a staggered start). You will be running with club members with similar times and teams will start in reverse time order, so the fastest runners will be last to go.


To organise the teams before the day (there is little time on the night) you will be asked to commit to the Team race on 4th April at least the week before. Any changes in availability (Yes to No / No to Yes etc) should be passed to Nigel (01347 821243) for inclusion/removal from a team in the week leading up to the team race. The earlier the better but even the Wednesday evening is better than not all! Member who said “yes” and fail to turn on the night will cause chaos!


No’s who turn up on the night will be placed in a spare team where possible but cannot be guaranteed a place or entry in the race. Those that have no recorded time in the previous 2 weeks will only be able to run by prior arrangement.




(available at time trial 1 and 2)


See Nigel for more info.                                                                            19 March 2013

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